crypto string

crypto string
шифрующая последовательность

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  • Common reference string model — In cryptography, the common reference string (CRS) model captures the assumption that a trusted setup in which all involved parties get access to the same string crs taken from some distribution D exists. Schemes proven secure in the CRS model… …   Wikipedia

  • Multiple encryption — Cryptography portal Multiple encryption is the process of encrypting an already encrypted message one or more times, either using the same or a different algorithm. The terms cascade encryption, cascade ciphering, multiple encryption, multiple… …   Wikipedia

  • Kasiski examination — In cryptanalysis, Kasiski examination (also referred to as Kasiski s Test or Kasiski s Method) is a method of attacking polyalphabetic substitution ciphers, such as the Vigenère cipher. It was independently developed by Charles Babbage and later… …   Wikipedia

  • Block cipher modes of operation — This article is about cryptography. For method of operating , see modus operandi. In cryptography, modes of operation is the procedure of enabling the repeated and secure use of a block cipher under a single key.[1][2] A block cipher by itself… …   Wikipedia

  • Non-interactive zero-knowledge proof — Non interactive zero knowledge proofs are a variant of zero knowledge proofs. Blum, Feldman, and Micali [1] showed that a common reference string shared between the prover and the verifier is enough to achieve computational zero knowledge without …   Wikipedia

  • Directory traversal — A directory traversal (or path traversal) is to exploit insufficient security validation / sanitization of user supplied input file names, so that characters representing traverse to parent directory are passed through to the file APIs.The goal… …   Wikipedia

  • Стандартная библиотека Python — Богатая стандартная библиотека является одной из привлекательных сторон языка программирования Python. Здесь имеются средства для работы со многими сетевыми протоколами и форматами интернета, например, модули для написания HTTP серверов и… …   Википедия

  • Timing attack — In cryptography, a timing attack is a side channel attack in which the attacker attempts to compromise a cryptosystem by analyzing the time taken to execute cryptographic algorithms. The attack exploits the fact that every operation in a computer …   Wikipedia

  • Unicity distance — is a term used in cryptography referring to the length of an original ciphertext needed to break the cipher by reducing the number of possible spurious keys to zero in a brute force attack. That is, after trying every possible key, there should… …   Wikipedia

  • Hashcash — is a proof of work system designed to limit email spam and denial of service attacks. It was proposed in March 1997 by Adam Back [] .How it worksHashcash is a method of adding a textual stamp to the… …   Wikipedia

  • Java Cryptography Extension — Die Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) ist eine Schnittstelle der Programmiersprache Java und Framework für kryptographische Aufgaben wie Verschlüsselung, Kommunikations Authentifizierung und Schlüsselverwaltung. Seit dem JDK 1.4 ist sie Teil der… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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